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Ruimtevaarttechniek - Software

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Status Ingetrokken
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Commissie Lucht- en ruimtevaart
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2002
Taal Engels
This European Standard defines the space software engineering process and its interfaces with the space project management standards (EN 13290) and space product assurance standards (EN 13291) and explains how they apply in the software engineering process. This Standard is applicable to all the elements of a space system, including the space segment, the launch service segment and the ground segment. This Standard covers all aspects of space software engineering including requirements definition, design, production, verification and validation, and transfer, operations and maintenance. The scope of this Standard is the software developed as part of a space project, i.e. "Space system product software". It is not intended to cover software developments out of scope with the system of space standards. An example is the development of commercial software packages, where software is developed for a (large) volume market and not just for a single customer, and the main requirement analysis consists of market analysis, combined with a marketing strategy.


ICS-code 49.140
Nederlandse titel Ruimtevaarttechniek - Software
Engelse titel Space engineering - Software
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