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Houten vloeren - Eigenschappen, conformiteitsbeoordeling en merken

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Commissie Hout
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2005
Taal Engels
This document defines and specifies for wood and parquet flooring the relevant characteristics and the appropriate test methods to determine these characteristics for internal use as flooring. It also applies to wood veneer floor coverings. This document covers flooring defined in EN 13226, EN 13227, EN 13228, EN 13488, EN 13489, EN 13990, EN 13629, prEN 14761 and EN 14354. It does not specify dimensional limits or tolerances, which are given by these same standards. It provides for the evaluation of conformity and the requirements for marking these products. This document does not apply to products sold as tactile surfaces or to aid visibility, e.g. products sold with tactile or visible strip applied.


ICS-code 79.080
Nederlandse titel Houten vloeren - Eigenschappen, conformiteitsbeoordeling en merken
Engelse titel Wood flooring - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
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