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Roterende verdringerpompen - Prestatiebeproevingen voor acceptatie

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Commissie Pompen
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2003
Taal Engels
This European Standard describes specified types of acceptance tests for rotary positive displacement pumps for applications other than fluid power. This Standard applies to the testing of pumps with and without drivers. This Standard covers a selection of tests to establish a uniform demonstration of the pump's ability to perform satisfactorily. It does, however, not cover all tests that may be needed for particular pump types or applications, e.g. tests for hazardous liquids or single shaft multiple pump units. Furthermore, it does not cover any noise and vibration tests, priming tests nor any hydrostatic pressure tests. Some pump types with integral relief valves may require more extensive relief valve tests than described in this Standard. For dosing and metering applications, further tests to demonstrate the dosing and metering abilities of the pumps may be necessary.


ICS-code 23.080
Nederlandse titel Roterende verdringerpompen - Prestatiebeproevingen voor acceptatie
Engelse titel Rotary positive displacement pumps - Performance tests for acceptance
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