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Keramische tegels - Definities, classificatie, eigenschappen en merken

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2006
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This European Standard defines and gives terms, specifies requirements and marking criteria for ceramic tiles (produced by extrusion and dry-pressing techniques) of the best commercial quality (first quality). Tiles not of first commercial quality are also covered following the provisions of Annex Q. This European Standard does not cover tiles made by other than the normal processes of extrusion or drypressing nor decorative accessories or trim (such as edges, corners, skirting, capping, coves, beads, steps, curved tiles and other accessory pieces) or mosaics (i.e. any piece that can fit into a 7 cm 7 cm area, see custom nomenclature).


ICS-code 91.100.25
Nederlandse titel Keramische tegels - Definities, classificatie, eigenschappen en merken
Engelse titel Ceramic tiles - Definitions, classification, characteristics and marking
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