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Algemene eisen voor onderdelen voor sleufloos aangelegde buitenriolering

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Commissie Afvalwatertechniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2002
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies general requirements for pipes and their joints intended for use in drains and sewers which are installed using trenchless construction methods "pipe jacking", "microtunnelling" and "pilot jacking" as defined in EN 12889 as gravity systems, according to EN 476 where any pressure to occur is a maximum of 40 kPa or operated under pressure according to EN 773 where pressure can be more than 40 kPa. This European Standard provides the general basis for the preparation or revision of product standards. It is not applicable for the evaluation of products and construction techniques. It is applicable as a reference for drawing up a product specification, if there is no product standard available. This European Standard applies to components to be used in domestic waste water, rainwater and surface water and other waste waters (e.g. industrial waste water) that will not damage the components.


ICS-code 93.030
Nederlandse titel Algemene eisen voor onderdelen voor sleufloos aangelegde buitenriolering
Engelse titel General requirements for components specifically designed for use in trenchless construction of drains and sewers
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