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Transporteurs - Veiligheidseisen voor transporteurs voor ontginning in dagbouw van ligniet

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Commissie Transporteurs
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2003
Taal Engels
This standard applies to continuous mechanical handling equipment in opencast lignite mines, in by-product and subsequent treatment plants in these mines and in all ancillary plants spatially or operationally connected with the mining operations and the abovementioned plants. This standard applies to continuous handling equipment operating in a delimited operating area that is not accessible to the public but only to authorized persons. This standard specifies the safety requirements for fixed, mobile and shiftable continuous handling equipment designed for transporting bulk goods by continuous movement from a loading point to a discharge point. This standard identifies hazards generated by using, moving and shifting of continuous handling equipment and describes methods for elimination or reduction of these hazards. The hazards covered are listed in Annex A (informative). The requirements of this standard apply to equipment and systems put on the market after the publication date of this standard. This standard does not cover: Safety requirements of wireless remote control systems; a) hazards generated by noise; b) hazards generated by vibration; c) hazards generated by explosion.


ICS-code 53.040.10
Nederlandse titel Transporteurs - Veiligheidseisen voor transporteurs voor ontginning in dagbouw van ligniet
Engelse titel Continuous handling equipment and systems - Safety requirements for continuous handling equipment for opencast lignite mining
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  • 89/336/EEG, Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit



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