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Veiligheid van kinderkleding - Koorden en treksluitingen van kinderkleding - Specificaties

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2012
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This European Standard specifies requirements for cords and drawstrings on children's clothing, including disguise costumes and ski apparel, up to the age of 14 years. Within the scope of this European Standard, it is not possible to cover all potential hazards that may create an unsafe garment. Conversely, identifiable specific hazards in certain styles/design of garment might not present a risk for certain age groups. It is recommended that an individual risk assessment be carried out on any garment in order to ensure that it does not present a hazard to the wearer This European Standard does not apply to the following (see Annex C for rationale): a) child use and care articles, for example bibs, nappies and soother holders; b) shoes, boots and similar footwear; c) gloves, hats, bonnets and scarves; d) neckties designed to be worn with a shirt or blouse; e) belts, with the exception of tied belts which are within scope; f) braces; g) religious clothing; h) celebratory clothing such as that worn at civil or religious ceremonies, national or regional festivals provided this is worn for limited periods and under supervision; i) specialist sportswear and activity wear generally worn for limited periods and under supervision, for example rugby shorts, wet suits, and dancewear, except where those garments are commonly worn as day wear or night wear; j) theatrical costumes used for theatrical performances; k) aprons intended to be worn over day wear, for limited periods and under supervision, to protect clothing from soiling during activities such as painting, cooking, or during meal times; l) bags and purses.


ICS-code 61.020
Nederlandse titel Veiligheid van kinderkleding - Koorden en treksluitingen van kinderkleding - Specificaties
Engelse titel Safety of children's clothing - Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing - Specifications
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  • 2001/95/EG, Productveiligheid



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