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Veiligheid van machines - Veiligheidseisen voor machine en materieel voor het continu gieten van staal

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2003
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This European Standard describes the health and safety requirements of automated plant used in the process of continuous casting of liquid steel (hereafter referred to as continuous casting machine, CCM). It describes the foreseeable, significant hazards, hazardous situations, and events arising from plants and from particular machines integrated to form the plant; it does not describe the full health and safety requirements for each particular machine. It indicates preventative measures for avoiding the hazards and reducing the risks. It deals not only with circumstances where the machinery is used as intended, but also includes other conditions foreseen by the manufacturer, such as foreseeable faults, malfunctions or misuse. This European Standard specifies the requirements to ensure the safety of persons which are to be met during design, assembly, transport, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the equipment. This standard assumes that installations are operated and maintained by adequately trained and competent personnel. Manual intervention for setting, adjustment and maintenance is accepted as part of the normal use of these machines. This standard assumes that the machinery is used with adequate workplace lighting conforming to prEN 12464 or to local regulations. This standard applies to: Continuous casting machines (CCM) for the transformation of molten liquid steel into solid products in sections (e. g., square, rectangular, beam blank, circular). The CCM can deliver the steel from one or more strands. The CCM can be vertical, bow-shaped, horizontal or mixed type. The list of machinery included is given in Annex A.


ICS-code 13.110-10
Nederlandse titel Veiligheid van machines - Veiligheidseisen voor machine en materieel voor het continu gieten van staal
Engelse titel Safety of machinery - Safety requirements for machinery and equipment for the continuous casting of steel
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  • 2006/42/EG, Machines



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