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Racefietsen - Veiligheidseisen en beproevingsmethoden

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 77
Commissie Fietsen
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2003
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies safety and performance requirements for the design, assembly and testing of racing bicycles and sub-assemblies, and lays down guidelines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles. It applies to racing bicycles intended for high-speed amateur use on public roads, and on which the saddle can be adjusted to provide a maximum saddle height of 635 mm or more.


ICS-code 43.150
Nederlandse titel Racefietsen - Veiligheidseisen en beproevingsmethoden
Engelse titel Racing bicycles - Safety requirements and test methods
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Normatieve verwijzingen
  • 2001/95/EG, Productveiligheid



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