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Emissies van stationaire bronnen - Bepaling van de massaconcentratie aan zwaveldioxide - Referentiemethode

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2005
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This European Standard describes a manual method for sampling and determining SO2 content in ducts and stacks emitting to the atmosphere by two analytical methods: Ion chromatography and Thorin method. This European Standard is the Standard Reference Method (SRM) for periodic monitoring and for calibration or control of Automatic Measuring Systems (AMS) permanently installed on a stack, for regulatory purposes or other purposes. To be used as the SRM, the user shall demonstrate that the performance characteristics of the method are better than the performance criteria defined in this European Standard and that the overall uncertainty of the method is less than ± 20,0 % relative at the daily Emission Limit Value (ELV). An Alternative Method to this SRM may be used provided that the user can demonstrate equivalence according to the Technical Specification CEN TS 14793, to the satisfaction of his national accreditation body or law. This Standard Reference Method has been evaluated during field tests on waste incineration, co-incineration and large combustion installations. It has been validated for sampling periods of 30 min in the range of (0,5 to 2 000) mg/m3 SO2 for Ion Chromatography variant and 5 mg/m3 to 2 000 mg/m3 SO2 for Thorin method according to emission limit values laid down in the following Council Directives: ç Council Directive 2001/80/EC on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from large combustion plants; ç Council Directive 2000/76/EC on waste incineration plants. The limit values of EU Directives are expressed in mg SO2/m3, on dry basis and at the reference conditions of 273 K and 101,3 kPa.


ICS-code 13.040.40
Nederlandse titel Emissies van stationaire bronnen - Bepaling van de massaconcentratie aan zwaveldioxide - Referentiemethode
Engelse titel Stationary source emissions - Determination of mass concentration of sulphur dioxide - Reference method
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