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Veiligheid van machines - Veiligheidseisen voor de machinale verwerking van platen met aan elkaar gekoppelde machines

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2004
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This European Standard describes the health and safety requirements of automated lines (see 3.7 and 3.13) used for strip processing. It describes the foreseeable, significant hazards, hazardous situations, and events arising from lines and from particular machines integrated to form the line; it does not describe the fully health and safety requirements for each particular machine. It indicates the possible preventative measures for avoiding or reducing the risks. This document specifies the requirements to ensure the safety of persons which are to be met during the design, assembly, transport, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the equipment. It deals not only with circumstances where the machinery is used as intended, but also includes other conditions foreseen by the manufacturer, such as foreseeable faults, malfunctions or misuse. This standard assumes that the installations are operated and maintained by adequately trained competent personnel. Manual intervention for setting, adjustment and maintenance is accepted as part of the normal use. This standard applies to: Automated lines for processing of metal strip: from take-over point (see 3.6) of the entry section (terminal equipment, see 3.4) through the process (processing and terminal equipment, see 3.5) up to the take-over point of the exit section or interface to other lines (terminal equipment). For annealing lines, the requirements related to the entry and the exit section are applicable, but the process of annealing is not covered by this standard (see EN 746 series). This standard does not cover: - The complete risk assessment of single machines which are used to form a plant; - Furnaces in accordance with series EN 746; - Coil transporting systems, e.g., hook conveyors, overhead cranes, fork lift and railway trucks and other vehicles; - Storage equipment; - Rolling stands (i.e., skin pass and reduction stands) - Rollshop equipment. This standard does not establish any requirements concerning electromagnetic disturbances. This standard is not applicable to strip processing line machinery, which are manufactured before the date of publication by CEN of this standard.


ICS-code 77.180
Nederlandse titel Veiligheid van machines - Veiligheidseisen voor de machinale verwerking van platen met aan elkaar gekoppelde machines
Engelse titel Safety of Machinery - Safety requirements for strip processing line machinery and equipment
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  • 98/37/EG, Machines



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