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Uitbreiding geldigheidsgebied van resultaten van brandwerendheidsproeven - Deel 11: Brandkleppen

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 16
Commissie Brandveiligheidsaspecten bouwproducten en bouwdelen
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2008
Taal Engels
This standard provides guidance and rules to experts competent in the understanding of the fire response of the relevant materials and structures in the making of expert judgement related to changing specific aspects of the design of a construction. This standard identifies the parameters that affect the fire resistance of dampers. It also identifies the factors that need to be considered when deciding whether, or by how much, the parameter can be extended when contemplating the fire resistance performance of an untested, or untestable variation in the construction. It does not cover the effect of the fire damper assembly on the performance of the wall or floor into which it is installed. The standard gives the principles behind how a conclusion on the influence of specific parameters/constructional details relating to the relevant criteria (E,I,S) can be achieved. The standard does not cover dampers used for smoke control. It should be noted that fire-resisting dampers are special products that are exposed to different conditions to other elements of construction; in particular they are subjected to significantly different pressure regimes. Also integrity is evaluated by leakage measurements. Consequently, this European standard may adopt a different approach to other extended field of application standards, with more emphasis on testing. This document only applies to tests undertaken to EN 1366-1. It cannot be applied to tests carried out to other standards other than ISO 10294-1 which is technically identical to EN 1366-2 (Furnace controlled to ISO 834-1, same heating and temperature measurement) It will be necessary to refer to other extended field of application documents to reach a decision on some aspects covered in this document. By sensible application of this standard, it should be possible to identify what specifications should be tested to maximise the field of application. Some information on test programmes is given for guidance purposes.


ICS-code 13.220.50
Nederlandse titel Uitbreiding geldigheidsgebied van resultaten van brandwerendheidsproeven - Deel 11: Brandkleppen
Engelse titel Extended application of results from fire resistance tests - Part 11: Dampers



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