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Schoeisel voor brandweerlieden

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2009
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This European standard specifies minimum requirements and test methods for the performance of three types (see 4.3) of footwear for use by firefighters for fire suppression, general-purpose rescue, fire rescue and hazardous materials emergencies. This European standard does not cover special personal protective equipment used in high-risk situations (for example, the conditions described in ISO 15538). The main differences between this edition and EN 15090:2006 are as follows: a) Slip resistance has been added (reference to EN ISO 20345, 5.3.5). b) The types of footwear for firefighters (4.3) have been changed in accordance with the risks. c) The requirements and the test method for radiant heat (6.3.2 and 7.2) have been changed. d) The requirement for resistance to chemicals (6.5) have been slightly changed. e) The requirements for high electrical resistance outsoles (6.6.4 in the old version) and the adequate Marking symbols in Table 9 were removed. f) Annex B (normative) has been restructured. The criteria for the assessment of the state of footwear have been listed separately: “Insulation against heat”, “Radiant heat” and “Flame resistance”. g) Annex D 'Testing of laces' has been deleted.


ICS-code 13.340.50
Nederlandse titel Schoeisel voor brandweerlieden
Engelse titel Footwear for firefighters
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