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Elementen voor de identificatie van producten in noodgevallen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2007
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This European Standard specifies requirements for an area on the packaging - the product identification field - marked by a symbol, where clear product identification element(s) is (are) present. This European Standard applies to products that are the subject of emergency enquiries to the poison information centres. After an accident or inappropriate use of products such as intake by ingestion, inhalation, aspiration or skin contact, the poison information centres give immediate information about any potential danger and make suggestions regarding treatment. To give the best advice, poison information centres need to be able to identify unambiguously products that have been involved by accident or inappropriate use. However, in practice product, packaging contains a lot of information which can complicate clear product identification. This European Standard improves product identification by introducing a product identification field on the packaging, marked by a symbol, and where at least one clear identification element is present. Provided that the packaging of the relevant product is still available to the caller after an accident or inappropriate use, the identification element(s) can help the poison information centres to identify quickly the exact product. With the product information available in a structured - preferably electronic - form, the poison information centres will be able to give adequate advice for treatment.


ICS-code 01.080.10
Nederlandse titel Elementen voor de identificatie van producten in noodgevallen
Engelse titel Elements for the identification of products in emergency enquiries



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