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Energieprestatie van gebouwen - Energie-eisen voor verlichting

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Commissie Verlichting
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2007
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This European Standard specifies the calculation methodology for the evaluation of the amount of energy used for indoor lighting inside the building and provides a numeric indicator for lighting energy requirements used for certification purposes. This European Standard can be used for existing buildings and for the design of new or renovated buildings. It also provides reference schemes to base the targets for energy allocated for lighting usage. This European Standard also provides a methodology for the calculation of instantaneous lighting energy use for the estimation of the total energy performance of the building. Parasitic powers not included in the luminaire are excluded. In this European Standard, the buildings are classified in the following categories: offices, education buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, wholesale and retail services and manufacturing factories. In some locations outside lighting may be fed with power from the building. This lighting may be used for illumination of the fa├žade, open-air car park lighting, security lighting, garden lighting etc. These lighting systems may consume significant energy and if they are fed from the building, this load will not be included in the Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator or into the values used for heating and cooling load estimate. If metering of the lighting load is employed, these loads may be included in the measured lighting energy.


ICS-code 91.140.99
Nederlandse titel Energieprestatie van gebouwen - Energie-eisen voor verlichting
Engelse titel Energy performance of buildings - Energy requirements for lighting
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