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Taxonomie van Facility Management - Classificatie en structuren

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FM covers and integrates a very broad scope of processes, products / services, activities and facilities. The distinction between primary activities and support services is determined in EN 15221-1. The description and evaluation of processes to produce the facility products is the content of EN 15221-5. The quality of FM provisions is the content of EN 15221-3. The approach to FM in this standard is to consider the added value provided to the primary activities from a product perspective as recognized by the primary processes or core business in the organisation. The scope of this standard is also to provide standardised terms/definitions and to create a framework for benchmarking of FM activities across Europe. This standard therefore focuses on the concept of (classified) facility products by defining: a) relevant interrelationship of elements and their hierarchical structures; b) associated terms; c) principles for cost allocation; d) a framework for benchmarking. Based on various definitions, the most evident conclusion is that taxonomy is a classification system for improved information management, which contributes to improving the capability of users to sustain and improve the operations of their business. The key concept relates to how the use of taxonomy will improve the operations of the business. In this regard, the structure of taxonomy should be closely aligned to business processes so that the user’s access to information is intuitively driven. The field of FM should be grouped around client demand, which in accordance with EN 15221-1 can be summarised under two main headings: Space & Infrastructure; People & Organisation. These two primary classifications are used within the standard to form the FM product grouping in chapter 4. This standard uses the term product according to ISO 9000 which defines a product as a result of a process. In the context of FM, a product is a result of a process and the respective activities / facilities. The classified Facility products are a well defined (commodified) and hierarchically organised set of facility services. They have been selected from the countless number of individual (customized) facility services to provide a basis for standardisation in the field of process definition, cost allocation, standardised tendering etc.. They have been selected from a client perspective and attempt to integrate different European customs and practices.


ICS-code 03.080.99
Nederlandse titel Taxonomie van Facility Management - Classificatie en structuren
Engelse titel Taxonomy of Facility Management - Classification and Structures
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