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Railtoepassingen - Wielstellen en draaistellen - Onderhoud van wielstellen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2016
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To ensure safety and interoperability, this Standard gives: - the limits for in-service and off-vehicle wheelsets; - the operations to be carried out for which the specific values (and/or criteria) remain to be defined in the maintenance plan. This European Standard applies to wheelsets and axle boxes complying with the following European Standards: - EN 13103, EN 13104; - EN 13260, EN 13261, EN 13262; - EN 13979-1; - EN 13715; - EN 13749. that comprise: - the axle mounted with wheel diameters greater than or equal to 330 mm; - axle boxes with bearings and grease. This European Standard is also applicable to wheelsets: - fitted with brake discs, final drive, transmission or noise-damping systems, as appropriate; - not complying with the above European Standards, but complying with the international requirements in force, for example in UIC leaflets, before the approval of these standards; - with tyred wheels; - with resilient wheels. For equipment not covered by Directive 2008/57/EC, this European Standard may be applied, noting that different values may be used. All dimensions in this Standard are in millimetres (mm). It is necessary to describe in a specific document the tasks to be performed in order to maintain wheelsets within the limits defined therein.


ICS-code 45.040
Nederlandse titel Railtoepassingen - Wielstellen en draaistellen - Onderhoud van wielstellen
Engelse titel Railway applications - In-service wheelset operation requirements - In-service and off-vehicle wheelset maintenance



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