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Identificatiekaartsystemen - Op elkaar aansluitende systemen voor het openbaar vervoer (IOPTA)

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Commissie Identificatiekaarten en persoonlijke identificatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2005
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The IOPTA standard defines sets of data presented at an interface, the card sub-system interface, in a structured form as well as the rules for dealing with that data to enable products such as tickets to be written to a machine readable card in a manner which will both minimise the amount of data to be held on the card while allowing an authorised party to be able to access and interpret the data easily and efficiently. This is the basis for practical interoperability. As part of this capability, the design of the data environment allows for the addition of new sets of data to represent new or modified transport products without compromising the ability of existing terminals to continue to handle all sets of data held on the card, whether or not they are to be interpreted and possibly used. Associated with the data are the set of processes which apply to the data within the specification of the IOPTA Application. The inclusion of process in the standard means that similar data will be treated in a similar way by all external services and terminals leading to true interoperability that can be achieved and maintained through this standard. In addition, acknowledgement that IOPTA specifies both data and process also implies that IOPTA must consider security both at the level of access rights to data and the security of the overall environment in which IOPTA operates. The security specification in this document defines the minimum requirement of functionality necessary such that interoperability may be supported while protecting information stored within the IOPTA Application from unauthorised access and accidental or malicious damage. This document refers to the card subsystem interface which may be at the card edge or include some logic in the card accepting device dependent upon the capability of the card. The view of security is similar in terms of an external system accessing a card subsystem, which may be just the card or the card - card accepting device combination. This means that security controls may exist in the card, the card accepting device or a combination of both. Additional descriptions of security architecture and expected implementation issues are described in Clauses 7 and 8 of this standard. This standard describes the minimum requirements for an interoperable transport application that may exist on a machine readable card, either alone or together with other applications, and it is therefore a description of data sets and formats at the logical level. The IOPTA interface shall support many machine readable card varieties that conform to a contactless interface compatible with ISO/IEC 14443. ISO/IEC 14443 Parts 1 to 3 shall be supported including any relevant parts of Part 4. While this document applies specifically to machine readable cards, others may wish privately to use it with other customer media such as key fobs, subject to the customer media being able to interface with card acceptance devices supporting this standard where interoperability is required. In terms of file structures, the data sets and data formats described in this document are perfectly capable of being mapped onto a card conforming to ISO/IEC 7816-4. However, this document does not define the card architecture, and the data formats and structures it defines are equally capable of being implemented on a pure memory card or a more complex multi-application card conforming to some other file format, subject to the card acceptance device supporting any required functionality that the card lacks in order to support the interface requirements of this standard.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Nederlandse titel Identificatiekaartsystemen - Op elkaar aansluitende systemen voor het openbaar vervoer (IOPTA)
Engelse titel Identification Card Systems - Surface Transport Applications - Interoperable Public Transport Application (IOPTA)
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