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Geokunststof-afdichtingen - Vereiste eigenschappen voor gebruik bij transportinfrastructuur

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Commissie Geokunststoffen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2016
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This European Standard specifies the relevant characteristics of geosynthetic barriers including polymeric, clay and bituminous geosynthetic barriers, used as fluid barriers in infrastructure works, e.g. roads, railroads, runways of airports, and the appropriate test methods to determine these characteristics. Tunnels and associated underground structures are addressed in EN 13491. The intended use of these products is to control the pathway of fluid through the construction and to limit any contamination, e.g. by de-icing products, of groundwater or water sources. This document is not applicable to geotextiles or geotextile-related products, as defined in EN ISO 10318-1. This document provides for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance of the product to this European Standard and for factory production control procedures. This document defines requirements to be met by manufacturers and their authorized representatives with regard to the presentation of product properties. This document does not cover applications where the geosynthetic barrier will be in contact with water that has been treated for human consumption. Where potable water is or may be in direct contact with the product the designer should also refer to other relevant standards, requirements and/or regulations.


ICS-code 59.080.70
Nederlandse titel Geokunststof-afdichtingen - Vereiste eigenschappen voor gebruik bij transportinfrastructuur
Engelse titel Geosynthetic barriers - Characteristics required for use in transportation infrastructure
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