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Railtoepassingen - Warmloperdetectoren - Gebruikseigenschappen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2005
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High speed TSI compliant trains are in certain cases fitted with on-board overheating axle bearing monitoring systems. In other cases they have to be monitored by trackside hot axle box detectors. Conventional TSI compliant trains are monitored by trackside hot axle box monitoring systems to detect abnormal axle bearing temperatures. To ensure the compatibility of systems and the effective axle box condition monitoring of trains, this document specifies the requirements for: a) control command; b) operational and c) vehicle. And the parameters for: d) the area of an axle box to be viewed by the trackside hot axle box detectors; e) the type of alarms; f) the minimum actions to be taken in the event of an alarm; g) the essential equipment functions; h) the limit temperature ranges for the alarms; i) the minimum performance requirements such as accuracy of temperature measurement, periodicity of measurement, etc.; j) the general vehicle requirements to ensure that, apart from the defined axle box area, no other part of a vehicle falsely activates the trackside HABD; k) the general considerations for the location of trackside HABD along a route; l) the minimum maintenance requirements for the trackside HABD such as a maintenance plan.


ICS-code 45.060.01
Nederlandse titel Railtoepassingen - Warmloperdetectoren - Gebruikseigenschappen
Engelse titel Railway applications - Hot box detectors - Performance requirements
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  • 2008/57/EG, Interoperabiliteit spoorwegsystemen



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