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Verwarmingssystemen in gebouwen - Ontwerp van warmtepomp-verwarmingssystemen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2006
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This standard specifies design criteria for heating systems in buildings using heat pumps alone or in combination with other heat generators. Heat pump systems considered include (see Table 1): - water - water; - brine - water; - refrigerant - water (direct expansion systems); - air - air; - air - water systems driven by electricity or gas. This standard takes into account the heating requirements of attached systems (e.g. domestic hot water, process heat) in the design of heat supply, but does not cover the design of these systems. This standard covers only the aspects dealing with the heat pump, the interface with the heat distribution system and heat emission system (e.g. buffering system), the control of the whole system and the aspects dealing with energy source of the system.


ICS-code 27.080
Nederlandse titel Verwarmingssystemen in gebouwen - Ontwerp van warmtepomp-verwarmingssystemen
Engelse titel Heating systems in buildings - Design of heat pump heating systems
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