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Postdiensten - Kwaliteit van dienstverlening - Beschikbare informatie over postdiensten

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2006
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This standard sets a methodology to assess "the availability of information" for postal users in the frame of the universal services defined by the European directives (97/67/CE and 2002/39/CE). Financial Services that are provided at many postal access points are not incorporated into the standard. A minimum range of Quality of Service (QoS) indicators on the availability of distinct infor-mation is defined, in a way as the information is usually provided to the customer by a univer-sal service provider or as a customer needs it to be provided to take full advantage of the uni-versal service. Although a minimum range of indicators are listed within the standard not all of these may be applicable in some countries. The focus of this standard is the private customer and small firms using universal postal ser-vices. The measuring methodology is based on desk research and mystery shopper visits (tests). It measures the availability of the information but does not impose that all the information must be available. This standard deals with fixed access points to postal services providing the full range of uni-versal postal services. Delivery and/or sorting services are not included. It contains guidance on how access to information for persons with disabilities can be re-ported. This standard can be combined with an already applied measurement system.


ICS-code 03.240
Nederlandse titel Postdiensten - Kwaliteit van dienstverlening - Beschikbare informatie over postdiensten
Engelse titel Postal services - Quality of service - Information available on postal services
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