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Onderhoud - Kwalificatie van onderhoudspersoneel

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2012
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This European Standard describes the qualification of the personnel with regard to the tasks to be performed in the context of the maintenance of plants, infrastructure and production systems. In this European Standard, maintenance of plants and buildings is included in terms of technical aspects of services. This European Standard guides to define the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the qualification of maintenance personnel. This European Standard covers the following professional persons in the maintenance organisation: - Maintenance Technician Specialist; - Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Engineer; - Maintenance Manager (Responsible of Maintenance Function or Service). This European Standard does not specify the verification criteria nor the specialised training of the personnel, which is related to the specific commodity sector.


ICS-code 03.080.10
Nederlandse titel Onderhoud - Kwalificatie van onderhoudspersoneel
Engelse titel Maintenance - Qualification of maintenance personnel
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