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Stalen opslagsystemen - Verstelbare pallet stelling - Richtlijn voor veilig gebruik

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2007
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This European Standard gives guidelines for operational aspects relevant to structural safety of storage systems. Such systems operate with heavy mechanical handling equipment working in close proximity to static storage equipment. This standard minimizes the risk and consequences of unsafe operation or damage to the structure. Some forms of storage equipment are partially covered but further consideration, beyond the scope of this document, might be required. This European Standard shall be read in conjunction with prEN 15512, prEN 15620, and WI 00344005 to ensure that the specifier, user and designer are aware of the constraints in each other's area and to allow a safe design to be produced. The user of the installation is responsible for ensuring that any information given to suppliers is accurate and reflects the operation in practice in order to ensure that equipment supplied is appropriate to the needs. The user should recognize that there are safety implications in any alteration to the data affecting the method of operation or to the storage equipment used. Consideration is given to the following recommendations: - the installation and safe use of the storage equipment; - changes in configuration or use of the storage equipment; - inspection and damage assessment of the storage equipment. Commentary is provided in Annexes A to E that is intended to provide relevant, detailed background information on the possible application of certain clauses of the document where this might be helpful to the user.


ICS-code 53.080
Nederlandse titel Stalen opslagsystemen - Verstelbare pallet stelling - Richtlijn voor veilig gebruik
Engelse titel Steel static storage systems - Adjustable pallet racking - Guideline for safe use
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