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Met vaste brandstof gestookte sauna kachels - Eisen en beproevingsmethoden

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2008
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This European Standard covers multi firing sauna stoves in which the stones are separated from and indirectly heated by the fire and the flue gases and which may be re-fuelled with several fuel loads. This European Standard specifies requirements relating to the design, manufacture, construction, safety and performance (efficiency and emission), instructions and marking together with associated test methods and test fuels for type testing multi firing sauna stoves fired by solid fuel. This standard is applicable to hand fuelled continuous or intermittent burning appliances. These appliances provide heat into the space where they are installed and are included in the scope of Mandate M 129. These sauna stoves may be supplied either as an assembled appliance or as a manufacturer's pre-designed unit consisting of pre-fabricated components designed to be built on site in accordance with the manufacturer's specified assembly instructions. One off installations are not included. These appliances may burn either natural or manufactured wood logs in accordance with the appliance manufacturer's instructions. Single firing storage saunas in which the stones are directly heated by the fire and the flue gases from a single fuel charge are not covered by this standard. This standard is also not applicable to mechanically fed appliances, appliances having fan assisted combustion air or appliances with boiler.


ICS-code 97.100.10
Nederlandse titel Met vaste brandstof gestookte sauna kachels - Eisen en beproevingsmethoden
Engelse titel Multi firing Sauna stoves fired by solid fuel - Requirements and test methods
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