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Email - Terminologie

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Commissie Metallieke deklagen
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2009
Taal Engels
This European Standard defines a number of terms relating to vitreous and porcelain enamels and their technology. This list is not complete and only comprises those terms for which the definition is considered necessary for correct and adequate understanding in order to clarify these processes. It should be understood that the interpretations given are those corresponding to the practical usage in this field and that they do not necessarily coincide with those used in other fields. For purposes of clarification, the term Vitreous Enamel, used throughout this European Standard, is synonymous with Porcelain Enamel, the term favoured in the United States and some other countries.


ICS-code 01.040.25
Nederlandse titel Email - Terminologie
Engelse titel Vitreous and porcelain enamels - Terminology
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