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LPG-apparatuur en toebehoren - Leidingsystemen en bevestigingen - Vloeibare fase en gasfase

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 44
Commissie LPG, uitrusting en toebehoren
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2013
Taal Engels
NEN-ENĀ 16732 specifies performance levels and test methods for the following characteristics of slide fasteners made from interlocking components mounted on tapes: strengths of puller attachment, closed-end, top stop, open-end slide fastener box, reciprocating mechanism, closed slide fastener when extended laterally, open-end attachment when extended laterally, slider locking device, and open-end slide fastener single stringer slider retention and slider resistance to torque. NOTE The tests specified in Annexes B to K have been specifically devised to permit their direct application to finished slide fasteners with a view to giving the user reasonable assurance that a slide fastener conforming to the requirements of this standard can satisfactorily fulfil its intended purpose. Annex L gives information about sampling procedures for bulk quantities of slide fasteners. In addition, performance levels are also specified for colour fastness to washing, dry cleaning and water, and for dimensional stability to washing and dry cleaning. This European Standard is applicable to slide fasteners for general use and is not applicable to slide fasteners for specialist purposes (for example: pressure sealed slide fasteners for diving suits).


ICS-code 23.040.01
Nederlandse titel LPG-apparatuur en toebehoren - Leidingsystemen en bevestigingen - Vloeibare fase en gasfase
Engelse titel LPG equipment and accessories - Pipework systems and supports - LPG liquid phase and vapour pressure phase
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