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Kathodische bescherming van schepen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2011
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This European Standard defines the general criteria and recommendations for cathodic protection of immersed external ships hulls and appurtenances. 1.2 Structures This European Standard covers the cathodic protection of the underwater hulls of ships, boats and other self propelled floating vessels generally used in seawater together with their appurtenances such as rudders, propellers, shafts and stabilisers. It also covers the cathodic protection of thrusters, sea chests and water intakes (up to the first valve). It does not cover the protection of internal surfaces such as ballast tanks which is covered in EN XXXXX. It does not cover steel offshore floating structures which are covered in EN 13173. 1.3 Materials This European Standard covers the cathodic protection of ships hulls fabricated principally from carbon manganese steels including appurtenances of other ferrous or non-ferrous alloys such as stainless steels and copper alloys, etc. This standard applies to both coated and bare hulls; most hulls are coated. The cathodic protection system should be designed to ensure that there is a complete control over any galvanic coupling. This European Standard does not cover the cathodic protection of hulls principally made of other materials such as aluminium alloys, stainless steels or concrete. 1.4 Environment This European Standard is applicable to the hull and appurtenances in seawater and all waters which could be found during a ship's world-wide deployment.


ICS-code 47.020.01
Nederlandse titel Kathodische bescherming van schepen
Engelse titel Cathodic protection of ships
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