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Bepaling van de brandwerendheid van deuren en luiken - Deel 2: Hang- en sluitwerk voor branddeuren

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Commissie Brandveiligheidsaspecten bouwproducten en bouwdelen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2004
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This European Standard specifies a method for characterizing the influence on fire performance of items of building hardware for incorporation into hinged or pivoted fire door assemblies (having either one or two leaves) or openable window assemblies, of known fire resistance of up to and including 240 minutes integrity (and where relevant insulation) in accordance with EN 1634-1. It applies to the testing of building hardware for use on hinged and pivoted doors which are not fully glazed. It does not include a test for durability or other performance characteristics, which should be evaluated according to the product standard for the item of building hardware or as given in prEN 14600. Fire resisting and/or smoke control doorset and openable windows;requirements and classification. The method is suitable for characterizing building hardware for use on non-metallic door or window assemblies consisting of cellulosic materials or mineral boards faced with cellulosic materials, hung in either cellulosic, mineral cored or metal frames: or conventional steel doors made from sheet steel, not more than 1.5 mm thick, hung in steel frames. (Metal doors include doors filled with mineral board or mineral fibre cores but not metal clad timber/cellulosic doors.) The size of these assemblies can be up to that given in the field of direct application for the door leaf construction concerned. This method is not directly appropriate for evaluating building hardware for use on glass doors. The appropriateness of this method of test can be established by reference to the flow chart given in annex A. This European Standard does not constitute a fire resistance test for a leaf, window, frame, intumescent seal, or anything other than the selected item of building hardware. The use of any resulting field of direct application is restricted to leaf and frame constructions which have been successfully tested to EN 1634-1. The method has been developed primarily to permit the evaluation of building hardware for hinged or pivoted door assemblies and openable windows, but the method may also be suitable for evaluating some items of building hardware for use with sliding doors and openable windows. Attention is drawn to the need to ensure that the test described in this European Standard is performed under suitable conditions which afford adequate protection to personnel against the risk of fire and/or inhalation of smoke and/or toxic products of combustion.


ICS-code 13.220.50
Nederlandse titel Bepaling van de brandwerendheid van deuren en luiken - Deel 2: Hang- en sluitwerk voor branddeuren
Engelse titel Fire resistance tests for door and shutter assemblies - Part 2: Fire door hardware - Building hardware for fire resisting doorsets and openable windows
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