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Beschermende handschoenen voor electrostatische risico's

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2011
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This standard provides additional requirements for protective gloves that are worn in explosive areas. It specifies a test method and requirements for performance, marking and information for electrostatic dissipative protective gloves to minimize explosion risks. Gloves manufactured from insulating material can insulate hand held items from the earth so they become dangerously charged. Therefore, if gloves are necessary in areas where, for example, flammable or explosive atmospheres exist or might be present, only electrostatic dissipative protective gloves in combination with specific adequate equipment (e.g. garment, shoes, earthing) may be used (see CLC/TR 50404).


ICS-code 13.340.40
Nederlandse titel Beschermende handschoenen voor electrostatische risico's
Engelse titel Protective gloves for electrostatical risks
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  • 89/686/EEG, Persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen



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