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Esthetische chirurgie services

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Commissie Esthetische chirurgie services
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2012
Taal Engels
NEN-EN 16372 addresses the requirements for clinical aesthetic practice: This covers surgical services to patients who want to change their physical appearance. This European Standard provides recommendations for procedures for clinical treatment, including the ethical framework and general principles according to which clinical services are provided by all aesthetic practitioners. These recommendations apply before, during and after the procedure. Dentistry1) procedures, reconstructive surgery procedures and aesthetic non-surgical medical procedures are excluded from the scope of this European Standard. Aesthetic non-medical procedures (e.g. tattoos, piercing) which can be legally performed by non-physicians (e.g. beauty therapists, hairdressers) are excluded from the scope of this European Standard.


ICS-code 11.020
Nederlandse titel Esthetische chirurgie services
Engelse titel Aesthetic surgery services
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