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Space engineering - Testing

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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2013
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This standard addresses the requirements for performing verification by testing of space segment elements and space segment equipment on ground prior to launch. The document is applicable for tests performed on qualification models, flight models (tested at acceptance level) and protoflight models. The standard provides: - Requirements for test programme and test management, - Requirements for retesting, - Requirements for redundancy testing, - Requirements for environmental tests, - General requirements for functional and performance tests, - Requirements for qualification, acceptance, and protoflight testing including qualification, acceptance, and proto-fight models’ test margins and duration, - Requirements for test factors, test condition, test tolerances, and test accuracies, - General requirements for development tests pertinent to the start of the qualification test programme, - Content of the necessary documentation for testing activities (e.g. DRD). Due to the specific aspects of the following types of test, this Standard does not address: - Space system testing (i.e. testing above space segment element), in particular the system validation test, - In-orbit testing, - Testing of space segment subsystems, - Testing of hardware below space segment equipment levels (including assembly, parts, and components), - Testing of stand-alone software, - Qualification testing of two-phase heat transport equipment, - Tests of launcher segment, subsystem and equipment, and launch facilities, - Tests of facilities and ground support equipment, - Tests of ground segment.


ICS-code 49.140
Nederlandse titel Space engineering - Testing
Engelse titel Space engineering - Testing
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