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Centrifugaalpompen - Beproevingsprocedure voor zegelverpakkingen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2014
Taal Engels
This document gives details of a test procedure for packings to be used to seal the stuffing boxes of centrifugal pumps. It gives provisions on the design of test equipment, standard test parameters and reporting criteria. It does not specify performance criteria which should be agreed between supplier and customer, but does define 3 tightness classes. When necessary, this document is also applicable to packings used on other rotary equipment such as mixers and agitators.


ICS-code 21.140
Nederlandse titel Centrifugaalpompen - Beproevingsprocedure voor zegelverpakkingen
Engelse titel Centrifugal pumps - Test procedure for seal packings
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