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Machineveiligheid - Veiligheidseisen voor stalen omzetters en verwante apparatuur

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This European Standard applies for steel converter and its associated equipment (hereinafter referred to as converter plant) used in the process of carbon or stainless steel making as defined in 3.1 and illustrated in Annex B. This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to machinery and equipment for the converter plant, when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. This European Standard specifies the safety requirements to be met during design, assembly, transport, commissioning, operation, maintenance (as described in Clause 5) and decommissioning/disassembly of the equipment. This European Standard assumes that - the converter plant is operated and maintained by adequately trained and competent personnel (see 7.5); - manual intervention for setting, adjustment and maintenance is accepted as part of the intended use of the plant; - the machinery is used with adequate workplace lighting conforming to EN 12464-1 but national regu-lations regarding lighting should also be considered and could differ from requirements of EN 12464-1; - as per the present state of technology no radioactive source as measurement equipment is used within the scope of this standard. This European Standard assumes that all input material does not contain - hazardous contents, e. g., radioactive scrap, explosives, entrapped water/ice, closed containers; - oversized scrap which can lead to water leakage due to collision with lances (see 7.3.5), and the charging should be done to avoid/minimize risk of explosion. This European Standard applies to: Steel converter and its associated equipment for the oxygen steelmaking process - from hot metal/liquid steel and scrap charging; - via oxygen refining or bottom blowing/stirring; - temperature measurement and sampling equipment; - cooling systems; - up to tapping including slag retaining device; - maintenance devices; - process related interfaces/interactions (e. g., according to design, controls) to - media, - primary and secondary gas cleaning plant, - material handling systems and ferro alloy systems; - steel ladle and slag pot transfer cars and - charging/tapping equipment, e. g., crane. This European Standard does not cover safety requirements for: - usage of process media other than oxygen, nitrogen, argon and compressed air; - primary and secondary gas cleaning plants; - material handling systems; - transfer cars for steel ladle and slag pot; - charging/tapping and de-slagging equipment, e. g., crane, scrap chutes, ladles and slag pots; - auxiliary winches and hoists.


ICS-code 77.180
Nederlandse titel Machineveiligheid - Veiligheidseisen voor stalen omzetters en verwante apparatuur
Engelse titel Safety of machinery - Safety requirements for steel converters and associated equipment
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  • 2006/42/EG, Machines



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