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Railtoepassingen - Rollend materieel - Inrichting bufferbalk

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Commissie Spoorwegen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2015
Taal Engels
This European Standard defines the layout of the devices installed on the headstock of vehicles equipped with buffers and screw coupler in order to allow operation and coupling of trainsets or vehicles including rescue condition. The European Standard deals with the defined free space for the shunter called the "Berne rectangle" and the location on the headstock of: - buffers including boundary conditions; - screw coupling systems; - head cocks; - pneumatic half coupling; - (optional) steps and handrails on the front beam (e.g. for use by shunters); - connection for electric cables; It also defines the fixing of certain equipment on the head stock (buffers, screw coupling, connections for brake system and electric system) and the calculation of the width of the buffer plates. All dimensions given in this European Standard are nominal values.


ICS-code 45.040
Nederlandse titel Railtoepassingen - Rollend materieel - Inrichting bufferbalk
Engelse titel Railway applications - Rolling stock - Head stock layout
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  • 2008/57/EG, Interoperabiliteit spoorwegsystemen



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