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Grondwerken - Deel 6: Landaanwinning met gebaggerd hydraulisch materiaal

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2015
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This European Standard deals with underwater excavation and hydraulic placement of fill material for land reclamation projects providing structural support. The main focus is on soils that exhibit drained behaviour during and after placement. This European Standard specifies minimum requirements for site related data to be acquired before the tender and execution stage of a dredging and land reclamation project. This European Standard gives guidance on how the selection of the dredging equipment shall be undertaken. It also gives guidance on the selection of a borrow area. This European Standard offers the general principles on how to design the actual execution of a hydraulic fill project and offers guidelines for monitoring and quality control of that execution in order to guarantee that the fill mass exhibits the behaviour as intended by the designer of the land reclamation. This European Standard neither gives prescriptions nor recommendations or guidance on dredging of rock, mine tailings, mineral wastes and contaminated soils. This European Standard aims at facilitating mutual understanding of all parties involved in designing the execution of a hydraulic fill project. It gives a framework to arrive at clear and unambiguous goals and arrangements. The main purpose of this European Standard is to ensure that functional requirements and specifications for such projects are in harmony with site boundary conditions and construction methods.


ICS-code 93.020
Nederlandse titel Grondwerken - Deel 6: Landaanwinning met gebaggerd hydraulisch materiaal
Engelse titel Earthworks - Part 6: Land reclamation with dredged hydraulic fill



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