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Thermal spraying - Components with thermally sprayed coatings - Coating specification

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2016
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This European standard defines the requirements to be specified in the coating specification for a thermally sprayed coating. It applies to components and workpieces made of metallic or non-metallic materials that are to be partially or completely coated with thermally sprayed coatings. The coating may be made of metals, metal ceramics, oxide ceramics or plastics. Additional requirements for the coating manufacturer that are not coating-specific should be included by defining the technical supply conditions according to EN ISO 12670. The requirements defined in this standard should be met by a component-related thermal spray procedure specification (TSPS) prepared by the coating manufacturer. The thermal spray procedure specification should be documented and component-related to ensure traceability. For details, see prEN 17002 (project stage). Proof that the requirements of the coating specification are met by the application of the thermal spray procedure specification can be provided by performing a component-related procedure qualification according to EN 15648. If specific coating requirements cannot be specified by the customer, they should be agreed with the contractor on the basis of the requirements for the sprayed coating - e.g. against fretting wear at high temperatures - and on the basis of the contractor's past experience.


ICS-code 25.220.20
Engelse titel Thermal spraying - Components with thermally sprayed coatings - Coating specification



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