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Lassen - Details van lasverbindingen in staal - Deel 3: Plateren, bekleden, belegging van onder druk staande onderdelen

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Commissie Lassen en verwante processen
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2010
Taal Engels
This European Standard complements EN 1708-1 with regard to applications in industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. It specifies established examples on how to construct platings, linings and heterogeneous connections relevant to the welding technology and with regard to pressurized components (e.g. vessels, boilers and piping). In the following text therefore the term vessels will be used for pressurized components. These examples can also be used for other applications provided the relevant requirements are taken into account. For exceptional cases such as specific problems concerning corrosion or materials in need of special processes, other solutions can be necessary which are to be agreed upon between purchaser and manufacturer. Appropriate national regulations and corresponding design specifications are to be followed when selecting design examples as well as, if applicable, different or further requirements. This European Standard does not override conditions on dimensioning of welded joints regarding strength (e.g. according to EN 12952, EN 12953, EN 13445 and EN 13480). It is to be applied in accordance with the specified application limits for pressure vessels and apparatus subject to compression stress with bearing wall thicknesses ≤ 30 mm. This limit is chosen for structural reasons and not for the heat treatment that may be required. The wall thickness limit applies to butt welds in the bearing vessel wall only and does not apply to flanges, pipe bases, level bases or other similar vessel components. This European Standard applies to the following types of steel: - unalloyed steels with minimum tensile strengths of Rm ≤ 450 MPa; - P295GH and 16Mo3 according to EN 10028-2; - fine-grained steels according to EN 10028-3 with a minimum yield point ReL ≤ 355 MPa; - austenitic steels according to EN 10028-7. This European Standard can also be applied to other steels and/or larger wall thicknesses, provided that an agreement has been made between the manufacturer and the purchaser/operating authority.


ICS-code 25.160.40
Nederlandse titel Lassen - Details van lasverbindingen in staal - Deel 3: Plateren, bekleden, belegging van onder druk staande onderdelen
Engelse titel Welding - Basic weld joint details in steel - Part 3: Plating, buttering, lining of pressurized components
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