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Railway applications - Rolling stock maintenance - Maintenance records

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2017
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This Standard defines requirements for content of maintenance records on railway vehicles and guidance to help the parties involved in the maintenance process to fulfil their responsibilities, especially: - document that maintenance has been ordered properly; - document that maintenance has been delivered according to the maintenance order. Within the ECM organisation this affects especially the fleet maintenance management and maintenance delivery functions (refer to the ECM-Regulation 445/2011). In addition to the above, maintenance records are an important input for the maintenance development function and be made available to it on request. As a consequence the following issues are out of the scope of this Standard: - managing documentation required to schedule and dispose maintenance (e. g. trigger events for planned maintenance or fault notices reported by train crew); - managing fault notices generated by trainborne diagnostic systems; - managing documentation related to the interaction between railway undertakings and ECM (e.g. return to operation).


ICS-code 45.060.01
Engelse titel Railway applications - Rolling stock maintenance - Maintenance records
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