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Woonmeubelen - Bergmeubelen - Veiligheidseisen en beproevingsmethoden

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-1998
Taal Engels
Specifies safety requirements and test methods for all types of domestic storage furniture excluding kitchen furniture and special function storage furniture, e.g. for use as a changing unit. Safety depending on the structure of the building is not included, e.g. the strength of wall hanging cabinets includes only the cabinet and its parts. The wall and the wall attachment are not included. It is intended to prevent serious injury through normal functional use, as well as misuse that might reasonably be expected to occur. It should be understood that the test results fulfilling the requirements do not ensure that structural failure will not eventually occur as a result of habitual misuse or after an excessively long period of service.


ICS-code 97.140
Nederlandse titel Woonmeubelen - Bergmeubelen - Veiligheidseisen en beproevingsmethoden
Engelse titel Domestic furniture - Storage furniture - Safety requirements and test methods
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