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Hydraulische hoogwerkers (HPs) voor de brandweer - Veiligheidseisen en beproeving

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 91
Commissie Brandweeruitrusting
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-1995
Taal Engels
This standard lists in Section 4 the significant hazards in the use of all sizes of Hydraulic Platforms (HPs) for Fire Services when in use, on the basis that they are supplied in a complete form, tested and ready for use. It identifies methods for the elimination or reduction of these hazards and for the use of safe working practices. Its principles have been used for HPs ranging from the smallest up to working heights exceeding 60m, and are expected to be applicable for all foreseeable developments of HPs for Fire Services. This standard is applicable to the structural design calculations and stability criteria, constructional details and test of HPs. HPs are machines used primarily to provide Fire Services with a means of firefighting, rescuing persons from dangerous locations and access to other hazardous and/or working locations, by means of a platform on an extending structure mounted on a base.


ICS-code 13.220.10
Nederlandse titel Hydraulische hoogwerkers (HPs) voor de brandweer - Veiligheidseisen en beproeving
Engelse titel Hydraulic platforms (HPs) for fire services - Safety requirements and testing
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  • 98/37/EG, Machines



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