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Medische voertuigen en hun uitrusting - Ambulances

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Commissie Ambulances en uitrusting
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2010
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This European Standard specifies requirements for the design, testing, performance and equipping of road ambulances used for the transport and care of patients. It contains requirements for the patient’s compartment. This European Standard does not cover the requirements for approval and registration of the vehicle and the training of the staff which is the responsibility of the authority/authorities in the country where the ambulance is to be registered. This European Standard is applicable to road ambulances capable of transporting at least one person on a stretcher. Requirements are specified for categories of road ambulances based in increasing order of the level of treatment that can be carried out. These are the patient transport ambulance (types A1 A2), the emergency ambulance (type B) and the mobile intensive care unit (type C). This European Standard gives general requirements for medical devices carried in road ambulances and used therein and outside hospitals and clinics in situations where the ambient conditions can differ from normal indoor conditions.


ICS-code 11.160
Nederlandse titel Medische voertuigen en hun uitrusting - Ambulances
Engelse titel Medical vehicles and their equipment - Road ambulances
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