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Veiligheid van houtbewerkingsmachines - Lintzagen - Deel 2: Zaagmachines voor boomstammen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 60
Commissie Houtbewerkingsmachines
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2013
Taal Engels
This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events as listed in Clause 4 which are relevant to stationary and displaceable log band sawing machines with either manual or automatic loading and/or unloading, hereinafter referred to as “machines”, designed to cut solid wood, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer, including reasonably foreseeable misuse. This European Standard does not apply to: a) table band saws and band re-saws; b) specific hazards related to automatic loading and/or unloading; c) any hazards relating to the combination of a single machine being used with any other machine (as part of a line - e.g. loading and/or unloading automated systems); d) any hazards arising from any other machining processes (e.g. milling and sawing) related to associated machines or cutting groups, e.g. canters and circular saws. This European Standard does not deal with the specific hazards related to thermal engine and P.T.O. equipment fitted to the machine. This European Standard is not applicable to machines manufactured before the date of its publication as EN.


ICS-code 79.120.10
Nederlandse titel Veiligheid van houtbewerkingsmachines - Lintzagen - Deel 2: Zaagmachines voor boomstammen
Engelse titel Safety of woodworking machines - Band sawing machines - Part 2: Log sawing machines



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