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Eurocode 8 - Ontwerp en berekening van aardbevingsbestendige constructies - Deel 4: Silo's, opslagtanks en pijpleidingen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2007
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The scope of Eurocode 8 is defined in EN 1998-1: 2004, 1.1.1 and the scope of this Standard is defined in this clause. Additional parts of Eurocode 8 are indicated in EN 1998-1: 2004, 1.1.3. This standard specifies principles and application rules for the seismic design of the structural aspects of facilities composed of above-ground and buried pipeline systems and of storage tanks of different types and uses, as well as for independent items, such as for example single water towers serving a specific purpose or groups of silos enclosing granular materials, etc. This standard includes the additional criteria and rules required for the seismic design of these structures without restrictions on their size, structural types and other functional characteristics. For some types of tanks and silos, it also provides detailed methods of assessment and verification rules. This standard may not be complete for those facilities associated with large risks to the population or the environment, for which additional requirements are the responsibility of the competent authorities. This standard is also not complete for those construction works which have uncommon structural elements and which require special measures to be taken and special studies to be performed to ensure earthquake protection. In those two cases the present standard gives general principles but not detailed application rules. Although large diameter pipelines are within the scope of this standard, the corresponding design criteria do not apply for apparently similar facilities, like tunnels and large underground cavities. The nature of lifeline systems which often characterizes the facilities covered by this standard requires concepts, models and methods that may differ substantially from those in current use for more common structural types. Furthermore, the response and the stability of silos and tanks subjected to strong seismic actions may involve rather complex interaction phenomena between soil-structure and stored material (either fluid or granular), not easily amenable to simplified design procedures. Equally challenging may prove to be the design of a pipeline system through areas with poor and possibly unstable soils. For the reasons given above, the organization of this standard is to some extent different from that of other Parts of EN 1998. This standard is, in general, restricted to basic principles and methodological approaches. In the formulation and implementation of the general requirements, a distinction has been made between independent structures and redundant systems, via the choice of importance factors and/or through the definition of specific verification criteria. If seismic protection of above-ground pipelines is provided through seismic isolation devices between the pipeline and its supports (notably on piles), EN 1998-2:2005 applies, as relevant. For the design of tanks, silos, or individual facilities or components of pipeline systems with seismic isolation, the relevant provisions of EN 1998-1:2004 apply.


ICS-code 91.120.25
Nederlandse titel Eurocode 8 - Ontwerp en berekening van aardbevingsbestendige constructies - Deel 4: Silo's, opslagtanks en pijpleidingen
Engelse titel Eurocode 8 - Design of structures for earthquake resistance - Part 4: Silos, tanks and pipelines



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