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Grootkeukengastoestellen - Deel 1: Veiligheidsvoorschriften

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2007
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This document specifies the general requirements and the constructional and operating characteristics relating to safety1), marking, and the associated test methods for gas heated commercial catering and bakery appliances. The specific requirements are given in Part 2. Only appliances of types A1, A2, A3, B1 and B2, as defined in Clause 4, are considered in this document. This document applies to all professional cooking and bakery appliances using gas for preparing food and drink. This document covers type tests only, and only the net calorific value (Hi) and net Wobbe number (Wi) are used. Annex C, informative, lists the main types of equipment entering into the field of application of this document.


ICS-code 97.040.20
Nederlandse titel Grootkeukengastoestellen - Deel 1: Veiligheidsvoorschriften
Engelse titel Gas heated catering equipment - Part 1: General safety rules
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