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Beton - Specificatie, eigenschappen, vervaardiging en conformiteit

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Commissie Beton
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2012
Taal Engels
This European Standard applies to concrete for structures cast in situ and for precast products for buildings and other civil engineering structures. The concrete under this European Standard can be - normal-weight, heavy-weight and light-weight; - mixed on site, ready-mixed or produced in a plant for precast concrete products; - compacted or self-compacting to retain no appreciable amount of entrapped air other than entrained air. This standard specifies requirements for: - the constituents of concrete; - the properties of fresh and hardened concrete and their verification; - the limitations for concrete composition; - the specification of concrete; - the delivery of fresh concrete; - the production control procedures; - the conformity criteria and evaluation of conformity. Other European standards for specific products e.g. precast products or for processes within the field of the scope of this Standard may require or permit deviations. Additional or different requirements may be given for specific applications or in other European standards, for example: - concrete to be used in roads and other trafficked areas (e.g. concrete pavements according to EN 13877-1); - special technologies (e.g. sprayed concrete according to EN 14487). - Supplementing requirements or different testing procedures may be specified for specific types of concrete and applications, for example: - concrete for massive structures (e.g. dams); - dry mixed concrete; - concrete with an upper aggregate size of 4 mm or less; - self-compacting concretes (SCC) containing lightweight or heavy-weight aggregates or fibres.


ICS-code 91.100.30
Nederlandse titel Beton - Specificatie, eigenschappen, vervaardiging en conformiteit
Engelse titel Concrete - Specification, performance, production and conformity
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