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Wandbekleding op rollen - Specificatie voor textiele wandbekleding

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 8
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-1992
Taal Engels
This European Standard: - specifies requirements for dimensions, adhesion of yarns and grades of colour fastness to light; - gives the symbols, to be used for marking purposes, for some of these characteristics; - specifies requirements for marking; - gives the designation system. The marking requirements of this standard are primarily for information of the consumer and to enable optimum use to be made of the product. This standard applies to textile wallcoverings supplied in rolls for hanging on to walls and ceilings by means of an adhesive covering and the support. It does not apply to individual lengths of textile wallcovering cut at the retail point of sale. Exluded from this standard are rigid materials, materials not attached or not wholly attached by adhesive, and non-decorative wallcoverings such as wall linings or those with special properties, e.g. thermal or acoustic insulation. Also excluded from this standard are wallpapers, wall vinyls and wallcoverings with as plastic surface, which are dealt with in EN 233:1989.


ICS-code 91.180
Nederlandse titel Wandbekleding op rollen - Specificatie voor textiele wandbekleding
Engelse titel 44llcoverings in roll form - Specification for textile wallcoverings



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