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Het kwalificeren van lassers - Smeltlassen - Deel 6: Gietijzer

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Commissie Gieterijtechniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2007
Taal Engels
This document includes main requirements, limits, inspection conditions and acceptance requirements as well as related inspection documents of welders for welded cast iron parts and workpieces. It provides a set of technical rules for a systematic qualification test of a welder's skills, and enables such qualifications to be uniformly accepted independently of the type of product, location and examiner/examining body. The testing of a welder's skill has to be carried out in accordance with this standard unless a higher level skill test is applicable. The acceptance of a welder's skill according to this standard implies a practical experience and knowledge regarding the welding process, materials and safety requirements (see Annex C). This standard has to be used when requirements on part of a customer, testing or monitoring body or other organisation are postulated. This standard defines the qualification test of welders for the fusion welding of cast iron. The welding processes referred to in this standard include those fusion welding processes which are designated as manual or partly mechanized welding. It does not cover fully mechanized and automated welding processes see EN 1418. Parts and components which are covered by this standard are mentioned in 5.4. The inspection document and certification is made out in the name of the testing body's liability.


ICS-code 25.160.10
Nederlandse titel Het kwalificeren van lassers - Smeltlassen - Deel 6: Gietijzer
Engelse titel Qualification test of welders - Fusion welding - Part 6: Cast iron
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