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Aerospace series - Standardized passenger seat weight information

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2015
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The weight for cabin equipment is an important topic in the aviation business. The cabin equipment weight has a direct impact on the payload of the aircraft, operation cost and revenue of the airlines. Due to the number of aircraft seats, seats are one of the major weight drivers in the cabin. At this time a lot of seat weights are used without any clear definition, e.g. allowable max. weight, certified weight, defined weight. For the definition of each customer specific cabin definition it is important to get comparable seat weights. Aircraft seats are very different with regard to seat envelope dimensions and integrated features and options. For a weight calculation and product comparison it is very helpful to get comparable weight information based on a standard weight. The aim of this European Standard is to define a clear definition for the different weight information and a baseline for a seat weight calculation to get comparable seat weights for set brochures and marketing reasons.


ICS-code 49.095
Engelse titel Aerospace series - Standardized passenger seat weight information
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