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Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit - Algemene immuniteitsnorm - Deel 2: Industriƫle omgeving

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-1995
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This standard for EMC immunity requirements applies to electrical apparatus intended for use in the industrial environment, as described in clause 5, for which no dedicated product or product-family immunity standard exists. Immunity requirements in the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 GHz are covered. Where a relevant dedicated product or product-family EMC immunity standard exists, this shall take precedence over all aspects of this generic standard. The application of tests for evaluation of immunity shall depend on the particular apparatus, its configuration, its ports, its technology and its operating conditions. The environments encompassed by this standard are industrial, both indoor and outdoor. Equipment covered by this Standard is not intended for connection to a public mains network but is intended to be connected to a power network supplied from a high or medium-voltage transformer dedicated for the supply of an installation feeding manufacturing or similar plant. This standard applies to equipment intended to operate in industrial locations where magnetic fields are high or in close proximity < 10 m to industrial power installations as described in clause 5.


ICS-code 33.100.01
Nederlandse titel Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit - Algemene immuniteitsnorm - Deel 2: Industriƫle omgeving
Engelse titel Electromagnetic compatibility - Generic immunity standard - Part 2: Industrial environment
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  • 1999/5/EG, Telecommunicatie-apparatuur (vervangt 98/13/EG)



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